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“Your Expertise + Our Capabilities = New Opportunities”

Are you interested in building and enhancing the skillsand knowledge that customer and other partners looking in your resource with innovative learning methods?

Looking to enhance productivity by empoweringindividuals to work efficiently and teams to collaborate effectively—in less time and at a lower cost?

Do you want to help your employees, establish a strong foundation in IT?

“Envisage, what's likely, when you deliver skills and knowledge on Sharp Path solutions through our expert trainers, classrooms and online capabilities”. Join Sharp Path and discover how you can enable your growth and invest in your profit potential.

Whether you need new solutions to your customers' business and IT challenges, need to launch your product to new markets in a quicker way or need to raise the portfolio of training you offer to your customers we can help you value add on all such specific opportunities. A partnership with Sharp Path will enables all this, and offers access to solutions and technology that help your
customers reduce IT costs, mitigate risk and manage complexity.

Learning new methods

In order to get the most benefits from advanced e-learning in the office, corporate officials have to be willing to assume a new mind set. Solo-based e-learning needs tight controls to succeed. Now a day’s most employees prefer live experts doing their training.

However, designing e-learning programs in-house can often be more expensive than hiring e-learning producers to provide the training programs. Such pre and post production costs can add up. Generally it takes six or seven hours of preparation for every hour of training content.

We are able to offer our experts training in live. Then our training staff can digitally capture the session and instantly make it available to review and learn. In designing the recording appliance and the production software, we were very determined to make this system a one-button operation. Using it is like having a digital photo copy process







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