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Individual Learning Solutions

In today’s competitive job market, do you have the skills that make you stand out from the crowd? Do you have the technical skills for the diversified industrial innovations in today’s high-tech world ?

“Enrich your career. Elevate your potential. Stand One among Hundred. Build your skills with Sharp Path“

Present Career Trends

Current Employment and economic trends suggest that the world is changing and that a four-year college degree does not automatically ensure your success in the workplace. A general education is good, but it may no longer be good enough. Many jobs now require specialized training with demonstrated industry-specific knowledge. Employers are looking for individuals that can step right in and contribute to their bottom line – a new generation of technological leaders.

How Sharp Path helps you design your career?

Sharp Path focuses on preparing individuals for immediate entry and/or advancement in specific career fields with greater enhancement of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve their personal success. Sharp Path is about building productive people for real jobs. While our Career Training Program for individuals are designed to elevate the career by implanting the technology. Most importantly we offer:

  • Comprehensive career training programs
  • Specialized professional progressive learning opportunities
  • Skills Assessment and Enhancement
  • Tuning to career and market requirements
  • Support for job placement
Our Instructors

Sharp Path hires the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry. We are very particular with respect to certifications; therefore, we only employ the instructors who have achieved the top grade certification on the technology they teach. According to our alumnus evaluations, Sharp Path persistently surpass benchmark peer IT training companies in instructor performance, courseware quality and facility satisfaction and value for investment made for training.

Let Sharp Path make you to fulfill your career dreams. Contact one of our qualified Education Consultants at a Sharp Path location near you to get started.

Our Learning / Training Methodology

Training and developing technical skills in students and professionals from diversified background, has always remained a challenge and instructors are often faced with the task of developing instruction for multiple audiences. In addition, the learning methodology changes for each particular learning group.

In response to these challenges, Sharp Path has developed a process for streamlining the design and development of learning for diversified audiences. We have effectively used this process in many types of audiences. The result has been threefold:

  1. Faster, more efficient design and development
  2. More effective instruction, focusing each audience ability level
  3. Friendly and very explicable subject matter experts

Our Training programs

The task may be to train a group of 25 centrally located employees or an individual or learners in multiple locations across the globe. Sharp Path follows a training program to fit any company or any individual requirement. We strive to bring full range of technical, business and application skills training solutions. Our gamut of training methods vary from basic application and desktop productivity tools (i.e., Project, Excel, PowerPoint) to complex and integrated business systems (i.e., information security, ITIL, compliance). Sharp Path offers comprehensive training solutions with a wide variety of learning programs such as, classroom, Virtual, mentored and distance learning options, using the latest technology and tool set.

Learning Knowledge

At Sharp Path, we look out; our students attain their respective aspiration by learning the latest technology. Here, our students accomplish more than just learn the technologies. Sharp Path brings in inspiration in students and companies to become more productive and thriving in their life. We enhance, the knowledge by engaging the learner in real work - real life situations and we see the output on our students' faces. We build the confidence from their learning, knowing and applying the same for their career.


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